Sliding Door System

What is a Sliding Door?

What is a Sliding Door?

What is Sliding door? It is the most common type of door system. This is because they are very useful. Because they can be opened easily and do not take up space. The usage area of ​​these doors is quite wide, but they are used almost only in narrow spaces. Sliding doors usually consist of two wings. One of these doors enters the other and thus the door opens. It can fit between the sliding doors of the accordion doors, but the categories are different.

Sliding door systems usually consist of rails in the pit. The service life of these rails varies according to the material. They can be easily installed on any door, among many options. For example; If your door has a wooden frame, the lock will work a little slow. If you are in an area with heavy traffic, you should choose steel. In this way, you can have a more durable door. Coding a steel door is also quite easy. You can use it as an automatic sensor door.

Sliding glass doors are the preferred door type for thermal insulation. This type of door is the most popular type of door recently and attracts a lot of attention in workplaces. They open with single and compound leaves nested in the desired direction.

How should a sliding door be preferred?

Sliding door types depends on the design of the room and space. Depending on the area and color of the space, you can choose sliding doors or sliding doors that open directly to the wall. If the environment is not very wide, models that go towards the wall should be preferred rather than the accordion models. The price of these models may be slightly more expensive than the accordion models; In addition, by using very thin folding accordion models, you can have a very stylish and useful structure without space restrictions. Instead of sliding doors made of plastic, it is better to choose doors made of wood that are not too heavy (chipboard and the like). The service life of these doors will be longer.

Sliding Door Prices

Using a sliding door is more and more practical in terms of both practicality and less space. has become more preferable today. Door prices vary according to material and workmanship. In addition, the larger the door area, the higher your door price will be according to the material price. After visualizing the door in your mind, you can contact our company and ask. Doors suitable for almost all sizes are designed in our company and can be installed very easily with a short process.