What are the advantages of Pocket Door?

First of all, pocket doors provide functional use of all areas of your home for which you pay for each m². There are on average 5 to 7 doors in a house. An old-style door creates a dead space of approximately 1 m², leaving the opening and closing space empty. Considering 7 doors, this is 7 m²
dead space equals 1 balcony.
Especially when placing your refrigerator, armchair, and wardrobe, old-style doors crash and damage the things left behind as they constantly open and close. Thanks to the in-wall sliding mechanism, your door slamming problem is eliminated.

Doors that are constantly left open during the summer months both create a bad image and prevent the back of your door from being used. In such a case, if you slide the sliding door mechanism into your wall, you will forget that there is a door there. An unpleasant sight will not strike your eye.

It does not prevent the use of your wall like side sliding mechanisms and does not look bad. If a sliding door system is used, you will only see the wall.

The mechanism does not have a threshold or rail on your floor. It runs entirely on the top rail. You can easily lay parquet and tile in your passage.